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Vibes Rice Rolling Papers King Size

Vibes Rice Rolling Papers King Size

Vibes Rice Rolling Paper are made from thin rice paper which produces less smoke which is equal to purer draw. The thin rice paper wont collude with your material so you will receive outstanding flavor. The rice cones rolling papers are burning slower than the hemp cones so you will have extended sessions. The Vibes Rice papers feature well engineered airflow that prevents runs and remains open the entirety of the session.


  • SLOW AND EVEN BURN: The high quality materials and exceptional watermark created by artisan craftsman in Dominican republic makes paper to burn even and slow
  • MADE IN FRANCE: The Vibes rolling paper is made in France and then transported to Dominican republic to be cut watermarked and packaged
  • KING SIZE: The King Size Slim rolling papers and can hold around 1 gram of dry herb
  • EASY ROLL: The king size paper is soft and smooth wich allows an easy roll without any cracks and tears
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