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Twist Tobacco Silver No. 1

Twist Tobacco Silver No. 1

For the discerning vaper who seeks accuracy, quality, and excellence, Twist E-Liquids are at the very top of the pack. For years, their talented team of artisans have created some of the most popular and remarkable blends ever released to the vaping community. Within their esteemed tobacco collection, Tobacco Silver No. 1 is their lightest-bodied and most popular, as it delivers a truly satisfying experience.


Tobacco Silver No. 1 E-Juice by Twist E-Liquids starts with a selection of golden American tobacco leaves. Carefully sun-dried and cured to help harness the complex flavors natural to the plant, this delightful blend delivers a light-bodied tobacco taste with slightly sweet undertones.


Tobacco Silver No. 1 is the perfect choice for anyone looking for an authentic tobacco experience that will always deliver.

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