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Twist Tobacco Gold No. 1

Twist Tobacco Gold No. 1

Twist E-Liquids maintains their position as one of the most respected and trusted crafters of premium e-juices within the industry. Their exclusive assortment of award-winning offerings is relished by vapers from across the globe. Tobacco Gold No. 1 is one of their most recent additions and has been met with tremendous enthusiasm.


Tobacco Gold No. 1 E-Juice by Twist E-Liquids begins with a selection of the finest American tobacco leaves. The leaves are then carefully sun-dried and cured, thereby retaining the plant’s natural flavors and undertones. The result is a medium-bodied tobacco taste, full of complex flavors and hints of sweet undertones.


If you are looking for a truly magnificent alternative to analog cigarettes, Tobacco Gold No. 1 by Twist E-Liquids is an ideal choice for you.

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