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The Double Vision Hookah

The Double Vision Hookah

The Double Vision hookah from Vapor Hookahs is made for sharing. Its beautifully colored and pinstriped glass vase arrives with matching hoses and bowl. This two-hose hookah is perfect for enjoying with a friend, family member, or acquaintance. Vapor Hookahs really knocked this one out of the park with such clean design, versatility, and style! The Double Vision comes complete with everything you need to get smoking, including the two hoses!

  • Product Specifications

    Brand Vapor Hookahs
    Style Modern Hookah
    Size 19" Tall
    Colors Black, Blue, Green, Red
    Vase Style Glass Vase (Soft Glass)
    Air Flow Technology Not Applicable
    Country of Manufacture China
    Multi Hose Capability The Double Vision is a 2-Hose Hookah that may also be used as a 1-Hose Hookah using the provided adapters.
    Included Accessories         Hookah Tongs, Porcelain Bowl, Rubber Grommets, Two 60" Washable Hoses (Solid Matching Color), Setup Instructions
    Product Use Disclaimer Not Applicable
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