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Synthetix 5 Urine

Synthetix 5 Urine

Open the Synthetix5 and microwave for around 10 seconds. It is very important that Synthetix5 is between 94-100 degrees when you submit your sample.


Close the top of the Synthetix5 bottle and shake well after heating. You should get a temperature strip reading of between 94-100 degrees. If no temperature is visible, but the product feels warm to the touch, you have probably over heated the synthetic urine. Allow the product to cool until a temperature is visible, or the product has cooled to between 94-100 degrees.


Using the included rubber band, attach the hand warmer to your Synthetix5. The hand warmer will supply the Synthetix5 with a heat source in order to keep it between 94-100 degrees. While contained in clothing, a hand warmer will keep Synthetix5 near 100 degrees for at least 6 hours.

Make sure that Synthetix5 is between 94-100 degrees and pour it in to the urine collection cup. You should make sure to put in a little less than the bottle so that your sample is not exactly 3 ounces.

  • Package Includes

    Each Synthetix5 Belt Kit includes:

    • 3.5 oz bottle
    • Universal sized belt
    • Temperature strip
    • Self-adhesive heating element
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