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Ripe Collection - Fiji Melons

Ripe Collection - Fiji Melons

Ripe Collection represents some of the most distinctive, extraordinary, and finely-crafted e-juices available today. Specializing in fruit blends, their mouthwatering assortment of offerings is among the most natural-tasting and flavorful, which helps explain why this brand is so highly-regarded by the worldwide vaping community. Within their esteemed collection, Fiji Melons is undeniably one of the tastiest, and a concoction you are certain to enjoy.


Fiji Melons E-Juice by Ripe Collection is an exceedingly fresh, crisp, and authentic fruity delight that will spring your taste buds to life. This gem begins with a selection of succulent guava, which is masterfully combined with sweet watermelon and juicy apples, resulting in an explosion of fruit flavor that you will absolutely love.

If you fancy natural-tasting, fresh fruit flavors, Fiji Melons E-Juice by Ripe Collection should be at the absolute top of your list!

  • Product Information

    Flavor (also available in iced):

    Fiji Melons- The most exquisite Fuji apple and guava e-juice blended together with sweet watermelon for an amazingly fruity vape

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