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Ooze Vault

Ooze Vault

Ooze Vault Extract Battery with Storage Chamber is the next generation of vaporizer batteries. This 510 thread battery has adjustable voltage settings via a dial on the bottom, 15-second Preheat mode, and micro USB charging. To change temperature, turn the dial so the small line under the charging port lines up with the voltage number on the dial. Each temperature range has a different color indicator light, which will change the color of the button light. It has a unique shape that is a cross between our classic stick-style batteries and our flat, palm batteries. This makes it extremely comfortable to hold, and feels sturdy in your hand.


    Features :

    • · 510 thread
    • · 450 mAh battery
    • · 10 second hold time
    • · 15 second Preheat mode (continuous heat without holding the button)
    • · Secret storage compartment
    • · Adjustable voltage (2.6-3.0V = Blue) (3.0-3.4V = Green) (3.4-3.8V = Red)
    • · Included Dual Quartz Wax Tank
    • · Micro USB Charger

    *This product and all products on this site are intended and sold for legal purposes only.

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