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Cloud Nurdz - Grape Apple (Salt)

Cloud Nurdz - Grape Apple (Salt)

Grape Apple by Cloud Nurdz Salt 30ml creates a grape flavored vape juice that you will not want to put down. This flavor will be sure to help you kick any sugar craving you have with its amazing flavor that taste just like candy.


As you inhale Grape Apple by Cloud Nurdz Salt 30ml sugary sweet grape flavor washes across your taste buds sending to your own version of cloud nine. This flavor will be sure to quickly become your next in rotation salt nicotine juice. As you exhale, the apple vape juice flavor will combine with the grape flavor to create a vape juice that has out of this world flavor. 


Cloud Nurdz is a vape juice brand that brings delicious candy fusions that are unlike anything else you've ever tasted. Each and every one of their vape juices has so much flavor packed into it that you won't want to put it down.  These candy flavored vape juices are made for adults to go back to their childhood roots filled with the amazing candy flavors that they love.


Grape Apple by Cloud Nurdz Salt 30ml is a salt nicotine vape juice that will cause your taste buds to jump for joy. This vape juice is a blend of slightly tart grapes with sweet apples that will have your mouth watering all day long.  

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    VG/PG: 50/50

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