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Cloud Nurdz - Blue Raspberry Lemon Iced (Salt)

Cloud Nurdz - Blue Raspberry Lemon Iced (Salt)

Presenting nothing short of delicious tastes with each puff that you take, Blue Raspberry Lemon Ice by Cloud Nurdz Salt is one incredibly rewarding vape. It offers a satisfying blend of blue raspberries, lemons, and menthol, creating a refreshing flavor you can enjoy all day long.


What does Cloud Nurdz Salt Blue Raspberry Lemon Ice taste like? Blue Raspberry Lemon Ice by Cloud Nurdz Salt tastes unbelievably delicious. With every passing puff, you'll notice an entanglement of flavors that consists of blue raspberry and lemon flavor, while a cool rush of menthol follows to keep your tastes thoroughly pleased from beginning to end. It's a fascinating flavor that comes in a 30mL bottle and is available in both 25mg and 50mg strengths to suit any preference you may have. 


Cloud Nurdz is an industry-leading vape juice brand that has developed a large collection of the most amazing vape juice blends. It stretches from traditional freebase vape juice collection to a Cloud Nurdz salt nicotine collection and uses Tobacco Free Nicotine. The flavors range from complex fruits to the most intensifying menthol flavors and many more. Cloud Nurdz is based in Los Angeles, California, and was formed in 2016 by two industry veterans, boasting several award-winning flavors that made it complete. It is now one of the largest manufacturing brands in vaping.

Cloud Nurdz Blue Raspberry Lemon Ice vape juice delivers one of the best flavor experiences you could ask for. It presents a magical trio of flavors that makes each taste you receive so worth it to vape each day. If you're looking for a satisfying vape, this is definitely one to try.

  • Product Features



    VG/PG: 50/50

    May Contain Tobacco Free Nicotine

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