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Al Fakher Shisha - Magic Love (250 grams)

Al Fakher Shisha - Magic Love (250 grams)

Al Fakher is packing a punch with their latest new flavor as they take steps in a new direction towards tasty premade custom mixes. Magic Love brings smiles to the hookah session with the use of passion fruit and melon, but they enhanced your exhale even more by adding sweet spices blended with mint.

  • Product Information

    Al Fakher Flavored Shisha Tobacco is Internationally renowned as the best Flavored Shisha Tobacco brand on the market. Al Fakher shisha is a premium brand of flavored shisha tobacco and is used primarily by experienced Hookah users because of its smooth and unique smoking experience. Al fakher shisha comes in an array of flavors ranging from modern to traditional variations.  Al Fakher shisha is probably the most renowned brand world wide and known for it great taste, smoke and consistency. 

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