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Honey Stick Nano Dabber

Honey Stick Nano Dabber

The best beginner budget rechargeable wax vape pen or dab pen that you can buy. Sleek Stainless pen-style dab pen powered by the incredibly powerful and high capacity HoneyStick VV Twist 510 battery allows you to adjust your power with the twist of a knob. Hold that charge for long with the powerful 500 mAh vape pen battery. Quality of construction and feel extends from the battery to the silencer which is a booming wax atomizer for slim batteries. With a nice sized ceramic bowl and a proprietary silicon carbide heater, you have just a perfect wax dab pen, giving you monster rips, smooth pulls, rapid heat-ups and flavor galore. The Body of the dab pen atomizer comes apart for easy cleaning and loading with concentrates. It is designed to virtually eliminate spatter or hot bubbles. All this is a slim sleek, powerful wax pen that remains elegant and discrete and offers big pro power at the beginner's price point. Perfect wax pen for on the go. Slim and light enough to rock it on a lanyard. Turn the power knob to adjust from mild to wild and enjoy the ride.


    Features :

    • 500 mAh Slim Twist Battery
    • HoneyStick USB charger included
    • Silencer Dab / Wax Atomizer included
    • Adjustable power / variable voltage
    • Rechargeable vape pen battery
    • Slim, Sleek and compact
    • Elegant look with a quality feel
    • Big hits, and big Flavor
    • Rapid heat-up time
    • Proprietary heater design
    • 510 thread
    • VV twist battery

    *This product and all products on this site are intended and sold for legal purposes only.

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